3 reasons why your kids need their own EHIC

Planning a family holiday to Europe? It goes without saying that you’ll want to protect your children and keep them safe, making sure that everyone in your family has a holiday to remember for the right reasons. It’s important, therefore, that while applying for or renewing your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you make sure your kids have their own well in advance of travelling.

Not sure why they need one? Here are three reasons you can’t afford to ignore:

1. Your EHIC doesn’t cover your child

You may not realise that your child isn’t covered on your EHIC, meaning that, should they require medical treatment on the holiday, you’ll have to pay for it in full. This is why it’s extremely important that everyone in the family has their own valid EHIC before travelling.

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2. Your child’s accident could prove costly without an EHIC

Kids can be accident-prone at the best of times, so place them in a new environment and the risk increases tenfold. From falling over and breaking bones to getting sunstroke and becoming ill, there are so many problems they could encounter on holiday, no matter how close an eye you keep on them.

However, if they have their own EHIC, you’ll be able to relax safe in the knowledge that should something happen to them, you won’t have to foot the cost of highly expensive, unforeseen medical bills.

3. Without an EHIC, you may have to go back home sooner than you thought

Having to pay for costly medical treatment could see you and your family cutting the trip short so that your child can receive free treatment back home in the UK. What could be more disappointing after months of excitement and build up to going on holiday?

Yet with an EHIC, your child will immediately be able to receive the treatment they need for little or no cost, making it more likely that you’ll all be able to stay on and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

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