An EHIC Card is your most important travel companion

Booking a break away for a few days, or perhaps longer, is a great way to relax and unwind from the stresses of life. Sometimes work can get so stressful that the need to immerse yourself in a change of surroundings is vital.

With air fares more affordable than ever, the world is your oyster, and many return flights in Europe are available for a couple of hundred pounds or less if you book at the right time.

Whether you fancy a trip to sunny Spain, sizzling Cyprus, fantastic France or somewhere in between, the preparation that goes into a holiday is considerable.

Make a list and check it twice

It makes sense to write up a check list of everything you need, and be sure to do it plenty of time in advance of your flight. A valid passport is the obvious one, but it is also important to have climate-appropriate clothes, enough funds in your bank account plus some loose cash, and a first aid travel kit.

The local cuisine of your holiday destination may not agree with you, so be sure to pack tablets that will settle your stomach, as well as all the usual essentials that cater for headaches and pain relief.

Sometimes, however, misfortune can strike and a trip to the doctor could be required. You could be struck down with a holiday-related illness like sun stroke or food poisoning, have an accident, or you could be extremely unfortunate and take ill unexpectedly.

A safeguard against huge medical costs

If the doctor decides that your condition is so bad you require hospitalisation, the costs could spiral very quickly. This is why before travelling in Europe you need to ensure that your EHIC Card is valid. If it is out of date, apply for an EHIC Card renewal well in advance of your flight.

It’s not just a handy card to have, it is vital and could be the difference between receiving swift attention and waiting around. Aside from that, the money it will potentially save you could run into several thousands. Explained simply, you cannot afford to go on holiday without an EHIC Card.

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