Berlin on a budget

The German capital is the perfect destination for a European city break at all times of the year. Enjoy an ice cold stein in a beer garden during the summer, or stroll through the stunning Tiergarten. It’s just as beautiful in the winter, when Christmas markets fill the streets with sparkling lights, music and delicious food. If you’re looking to visit Berlin on a budget, here’s four tips to help save you money.

1. Enjoy free activities

Berlin has an abundance of free activities to leave you enlightened and amazed. Take a walk along the East Side Gallery, the largest standing section of the Berlin wall. Decorated in artwork that represents the city’s passion, hope and unity, it’s certainly worth a visit. For a haunting but fascinating account of World War Two, the Topography of Terror is a permanent, free exhibition that is both insightful and chilling. You can also find free walking tours, beautiful architecture and large gardens, all waiting to be enjoyed.

2. Dine on street food

The German’s sure know how to do street food. With everything from their famous currywurst to cuisines from all around the world, you’ll find plenty of amazing places to eat. Not only does street food allow you to try something new, but it is usually excellent value and can save you a lot in comparison to eating in restaurants.

3. On your bike!

If you want to get around the city without spending a lot on public transport then consider hiring a bike for your stay. Berlin is proud of its extensive cycle routes and safe cycling lanes. Not only is it affordable, but it’s a really great way to take in the sites.

4. Avoid high medical costs

Budgeting for a holiday is all very well, but if something goes wrong you could easily be left out of pocket. If you should fall ill or suffer an injury during your stay, you could be faced with unexpected bills. If you’re visiting Europe, make sure you’ve applied for or renewed your European Health Insurance Card. Your EHIC entitles you to free or reduced medical care in Europe and is perhaps your most important travel companion.

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