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Can I still use my old E111 form?

Are you planning a holiday to Europe? If the answer is yes, then it is very important that you check all documentation is correct before you depart on your travels. One important aspect to consider is that of medical cover.

Recent changes

There have been many recent changes when it comes to individuals wanting medical cover when they travel within Europe. All individuals who intend to travel will need a passport, including children, but as well as this you will require what is known as an EHIC.

The old E111 form

Many individuals were issued with an E111 form when they needed to travel to Europe. However, this form was replaced in 2006 by what is known as an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This card also replaced the E128 form that was used by individuals working in other countries and students.

Replacing your E111 form

What this means is that you will now no longer be able to use your old E111 form as it is invalid. What you’ll need to do is to apply for an EHIC card.

How and where you are covered

This card entitles you to basic medical care, which is mostly free, or at a much reduced rate for that particular country. All children under the age of 16 are covered on the named parent’s EHIC card, children over 16 will need their own card. All countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) are covered. These countries include those between Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland, including Switzerland.

Apply for an EHIC with our online service

Our online service will help you in applying for your new EHIC card. We will carefully check that all your personal details are factually correct. If English is not your first language then we offer full online support.

When you use our online EHIC application service you will gain much peace of mind in knowing that you can efficiently and quickly replace your now invalid E111 form.

Please note that you will still require travel insurance, even if you have an EHIC card.

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