Celebrate the New Year in Europe

Seeing in the New Year is a fantastic moment, often overshadowed by the build-up to Christmas. The New Year is a time of reflection, of fresh starts and of hope and excitement going forward. Why not make it even more memorable with a trip to Europe, to really end and begin your year in style?

You will be spoilt for choice, as most cities will host huge celebrations, so here are three European Cities you may consider.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

After relatively low-key Christmas celebrations the Swedes go all out for New Year’s Eve, making it a party to truly remember. Skansen has been the heart of Stockholm’s New Years parties since 1895 and absolutely brims with atmosphere. As well as a phenomenal fireworks display, bars and clubs line the streets, which means the party can go on ’til morning!

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is often thought of as a party city. However, its culture is also famous for being laid back and friendly making it a really lovely place for a celebration. As well as the buzzing nightlife from the usual bars and clubs, street parties pop all over the city on this special eve. For a more romantic or relaxed setting, take a canalside bench and marvel at the fireworks as the displays fill the sky and reflect off the water.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

The ‘City of Spires’ is one of the most beautiful in Europe and as such has become a popular tourist destination at all times of the year. While the party really does become a little lively in Prague, with champagne bottles smashed in celebration, there are also many bridges and embankments for beautiful views that are a perfect for a New Year’s kiss.

To ensure your special New Year’s adventure goes smoothly, check out our checklist of what to do before you go on holiday. Also, be sure to remember your European Health Insurance Card – make sure it’s renewed and allow plenty of time for your renewal if required. And of course, have fun!

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