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E111 Card Renewal

The E111 Card is a health insurance card provided to UK residents looking to travel within the European Union and have peace of mind knowing they can access standard medical health cover free of charge in those countries. In 2005, the E111 was replaced by EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), though they are both exactly the same thing, and many still refer to it as the E111. Obtaining an E111 Card is, though not essential, quite highly recommended as there are a lot of benefits to be had and at a very low expense. So if you’re looking for information on your E111 Card renewal, or would like to get one for the first time, then all the information you will need is below.

Benefits of E111 Card and what it covers

Essentially, the way an E111 Card works is that it gives you access to free medical cover that all local residents in the country you are visiting would receive. This means that if, for example, you were to break your leg, the E111 would cover you free of charge for the medical care as long as the country you have the accident in covers broken legs free of charge on their health care system.

One benefit of the E111 Card is that it helps give you greater peace of mind when taking your trip away. By getting your E111 renewal carried out regularly, you can rest assured that if any minor injuries or accidents happen then you can quickly and easily claim access to the medical help you need. Another benefit which is quickly obvious is that you won’t have to pay for this routine care.

Thirdly, it also allows you to travel even if you suffer from quite a serious medical condition or are pregnant. You are allowed access to routine maternity care, as well as cover for pre existing medical conditions. A final benefit is that, even if you are made to pay for some medical cover, you can often do so at a reduced rate via having your E111 Card.

What the E111 Card Renewal covers

Here is a bullet point summary of everything your E111 renewal will cover you for:

– Cover for a chronic or pre-existing medical condition
– State covered medical care for any injury or illness that occurs whilst on your trip
– Access to routine maternity care, as long as you are not actually giving birth in the country
– Reduced cost and discounts on many other forms of health care
– The provision of routine medical care, renal dialysis and oxygen
– The same rights and facilities as given to those residents of the country you are visiting.

What the E111 Renewal Card doesn’t cover

As stated, you only get access to what is free of charge in the country you are visiting. This means that it is always a wise idea to take out travel insurance so that you are completely covered in case of a major medical emergency. A good example for many would be a ski trip where you are unlikely to be covered in the situation whereby an emergency helicopter has to evacuate you off the slopes after an accident. Your E111 renewal wouldn’t cover you for it, and instead, it would be your travel insurance provider that would need to step in.

Also be aware that if you are travelling to a country in order to seek medical care, then you will not be covered under your E111 renewal. This includes if you are going to a country specifically to have a baby; you will be covered for general maternity care, but not to give birth. If that is something that you wish to do then you will need to speak to the state medical centre in the country you are looking to visit and possibly apply for a different card, known as the E112.

Finally, if you require medical care, then your E111 renewal will not cover you for costs to return to the UK. Again, it is your travel insurance that will be necessary to claim this. It is important for you to research what the state covers for free and under the E111 before visiting a country, and be warned that some regions may not have state medical care active so you won’t have access to anything for free in such cases.

Why is it important to renew your E111 Card?

Your E111 renewal is only ever valid for a period of 5 years so it is important that you get it regularly renewed to avoid any lapse in having one in your possession. If there are only 6 months left on the card then you must renew it. If caught without a valid E111 Card renewal in a time of need, then you will likely be in for a long and tiring process of accessing the care you require. In many cases, you will also have to pay more as you can’t access the discounts it gives you on certain treatments. If instead you are forced to go through your insurance to get back the cost, then you will at least face the excess charges in your agreement.

Who is eligible for an E111 renewal?

All UK citizens are eligible to access an E111 Card, which then gives you cover for visiting any country within the European Union as well as Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland. If you are a resident of the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, then you will be unable to claim an E111 Card renewal, and any visitors to these places will not be able to receive care under their E111. Finally, if you are a UK national but are going to live abroad, then you are unable to claim an E111 Card renewal.

For residents of countries other than the UK, looking to gain access to an E111 Card renewal, then you will need to find the relevant information from your own state care provider. The information here is only valid for UK residents.

How to get your E111 Card renewal

The quickest and easiest way to get your E111 renewal, or to make you first ever application for one, is through this website directly and you can get started by clicking here. For a small fee of £35, you get complete access to 24 hour support via email and telephone as well as support and verification throughout the entire process, to make sure you get it done correctly the first time. As an added level of service, when it comes round to getting your next E111 Card renewal, we will get in contact with you to remind you. That way you can continue to get coverage for any trips within the EU.

If you are applying for yourself as the main applicant then you must be aged 16 or older. Alternatively, if you are also applying for your spouse or any children up to 16, or 19 if they are in full-time education, then you can carry out an application or E111 renewal alongside your own application. To get started, you will need your NHS number or National Insurance Number, as well as the numbers, names and date of birth of any others whom you wish to apply for alongside your own application.

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