Most common accidents and injuries that occur on holiday

No-one wants an accident to occur when they’re on holiday, but sadly medical emergencies – small and large – can happen when you are at home OR away. This is why it’s really important to make sure that as an EU citizen you have an EHIC card for when you travel around the European Union. So what are the most common accidents and medical emergencies that happen to holidaymakers?

Slips, trips and falls

The most common accidents at home or at work will find you out on holiday too. Additional risk factors include the fact that holidaymakers may have had a drink, may be in different shoes than usual (flip flops/heels) and may be walking on unfamiliar terrain. Serious falls in holiday occur off hotel balconies, from cliffs and on rocks.

Food poisoning

Eating different foods can play havoc with your digestion and can certainly cause upset tummies, but worse still is food poisoning. This is far more likely to happen to those travelling outside of the EU, but it’s not unknown to occur in EU countries too. Be mindful of hotel buffets and how long food has been left out for. Avoid ice in drinks where possible and drink bottled or filtered water in certain countries. At best, food poisoning can cause a short amount of discomfort but at worst it can cause months of pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and in the worst cases can, in fact, be fatal.

Sporting injuries

Holidaymakers tend to engage with more sport on holiday than they do at home. This can include golf, cycling and swimming as well as beach activities and water sports. Sadly, injuries from these activities are commonplace, especially if you are taking part in an unregulated activity. Be wise and always check the credentials of tour or activity operators, especially if you are doing watersports or any sort of quad biking, archery, air rifling, hoverboarding or segway activities.

The best way to prepare yourself for one of these common medical incidences or holiday accidents is to register for an EHIC card or renew your existing EHIC card today. Don’t forget to apply for an individual card for every member of your family.

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