Preparing to relax on holiday is vital

We all hope that our holiday goes off without a hitch, but it is important to prepare a few things before heading off. It will help you to relax fully, knowing you are forearmed and well versed on how to react if things do go wrong. For that reason here are the most common issues people face on holiday and how to tackle them.

Adverse weather

If storms effect your holiday, then it is likely you won’t be out of pocket for changes. Airlines and holiday providers are insured against such instances and will normally make amendments for you free of charge, be that a change of hotel or airline to get you home. For anything additional, most comprehensive travel insurance policies will cover you.


It is vital when travelling abroad to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy. This particularly applies to countries like the USA which has no national health service and is very costly. If you are travelling within Europe then you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which will allow you to access the emergency health services of all EU countries for free. If you wish to apply for an e111 card or look into an EHIC renewal then click here.


If a travel provider happens to go into administration whilst you are on holiday, then most of the time you are covered. If you booked with a reputable travel agent you will be covered by ATOL or ABTA protection (insolvency insurance used within the holiday sector). Some retailers don’t sign up as members in a bid to cut costs, so check before completing your booking. The Civil Aviation Authority often get involved in insolvency cases and support customers in arranging how they get home.

Cancelled or delayed flights

If your flights are cancelled by the airline within 14 days of travel, then you are entitled to replacement travel and compensation. If your flight is over two weeks away, then you will only get a replacement flight. This protection is provided by European law and is known as EU261. It also includes travel delays if flights are more than three hours late.

These preparation tips are tried and tested and with these bases covered, you are increasing your chances of the total relaxation you deserve. Click here for our checklist of things to do before you go.

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