See the sights in Sweden

Travelling within Europe is ideal if you’re planning a short holiday or last-minute break. With relatively short travel times, you can take advantage of low-cost trips and beautiful scenery. For memorable holidays in Europe, there’s no better place to look than Sweden.

With fly drive tours, skiing breaks and adventure holidays available, there’s something for everyone. Particularly popular during September to April, Northern Lights expeditions create a truly once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Choose from world-renowned hotels or splash out and hire a dedicated lodge near the seascape close to Lulea.

Try something different in Varmland

If you’re looking for an adventurous holiday, Varmland might be the ideal destination. With adventure breaks aimed at all types of travellers, you’ll be able to try canoeing, kayaking, hiking and even spot rare wildlife, such as moose and eagles.

Whilst some people are hesitant about taking part in adventure holidays as a family, Varmland provides a wide range of family-friendly activities. With holidays dedicated to multi-activity family breaks, holidaymakers of all ages will enjoy the excitement of Varmland.

Spend a weekend in Stockholm

If you’re thinking of taking a short city break this winter, Stockholm has everything to offer. Exquisite architecture, combined with bars, restaurants and clubs means that you have the chance to explore the city in your own way.

Spend your days visiting attractions, such as Skansen Aquarium and Vasa Museum, before trying one of the world-famous eateries located in the capital.

Remember to renew your e111 card

Before you travel, you’ll want to ensure that you have all your documents in order. Perhaps most important is you e111 card or EHIC. Providing you have a valid European Health Insurance Card, you’ll be able to access medical care whilst you’re in Sweden.

Although you may not want to consider the possibility of becoming ill while you’re away, it’s always best to be prepared and it’s easy to carry out an EHIC renewal. Remember – every member of your party will need their own e111 card in order to access medical care. If you’re travelling with family members or friends, it’s important to ensure that they have valid EHIC cards with them.

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