Stay safe, not sorry, in your support of the beautiful game

It’s affectionately called “the beautiful game” by all of those who love it, and European competitions like the Champions League and the Europa League are very much things of beauty in the eyes of travel agents.

With the biggest and best teams in England representing the Premier League across the continent, they bring with them an army of fans that regularly number several thousand for each away game.

From Milan to Madrid, Bilbao to Bucharest and everywhere in between, if an English team is scheduled to play a game there, rest assured that the crowds will follow in their droves.

An occasion to tell the grandkids about

Last season, Manchester United won the Europa League final against Ajax at the Friends Arena in Sweden.

More than 20,000 supporters made the trip from Manchester and the occasion was a great advert for supporting a team, with both sets of supporters mingling in the town of Solna on the day of the big match.

No major problems were reported, but all of the United fans would have been advised to have an EHIC card in their possession, just in case they needed prompt medical assistance.

Liverpool supporters would have been offered the same advice when they travelled to Basel in Switzerland for the 2016 final against Seville, as well as in every preceding round of matches, for that matter.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught out

The same will go for all supporters planning trips to support their team this season. Across the Champions League and the Europa League, the Premier League will be represented by Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and Manchester United.

All of those clubs boast massive support bases that will follow their team the length and breadth of Europe.

Planning a holiday around a football match is a really fun thing to do as you will be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur that unfortunately result in hospitalisation, particularly if violence breaks out in a small section of the crowd because of hooliganism or poor crowd control.

Thankfully, instances of violence at football matches are becoming much rarer than in the past, and security measures are being increased all the time, meaning you shouldn’t experience any trouble. However, accidents can happen anywhere, and whenever you travel to Europe it is always better to be safe than sorry by bringing a valid EHIC card with you which will entitle you to free or discounted health care in any emergency.

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