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Will My EHIC Cover My Children?

Your EHIC card will not cover your children as well. To be eligible for free or reduced medical treatment or care when travelling within the European Union and the European Economic Area, they must have their own EHIC card. There is no single EHIC card existing that provides cover for the whole family.

Applying on your child’s behalf

EHIC cards provide cover for individuals only, which makes it vital to apply and get a valid card for each member of your family before you leave. You are allowed to apply for the card on your child’s behalf if they are still under the age of 16. If they are in full-time education, you can apply for one on their behalf if they are under 19.

If you are all applying for your first EHIC card then you can simply add their names onto your application form as a dependent if applicable. Of course, depending on their age and circumstances as shown above, they may have to apply for it directly themselves. If you already have an EHIC card but wish to apply for a new one for your child, then you need to apply online.

How long does the process take?

Timescales can vary but the usual advice is that it takes around a week for the new EHIC card(s) to arrive. It would be wise to apply well before this though to avoid any last minute problems. It is important to remember that you need a valid EHIC card before you set off on your travels to the EEA. Therefore, it is sensible to start the process of applying for them well before the date you are due to set off on your holiday.

Renewing a child’s EHIC

If you need to renew your child’s EHIC card then you will need to provide the PIN number shown on their current card. Once this process is completed, a new one will be sent through for them. The current advice is that you can apply for a new EHIC card up to six months before the old one runs out. For help with your application, visit our website today.

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